Bridal Hairstyles

You waited forever. One day, he pops the question; “Will you marry me?” Great. Both of you started planning. Venue,date, guest list, photographer, makeup,etc.

Every bride wants to look her best on that day. You definitely can’t undo the look after that day if your wedding pictures are looking less than perfect. Everything has gotta be on point.


“Beehive” or complicated hairdos are so 2001. We noticed more and more brides are opting for a more “relaxed” look. Long wavy hair seems to be the most popular choice over the recent years as it gives a romantic and fairy tale look. Have we also mention that it’s almost fuss free? The last thing you wanna deal after a long day entertaining guest would be 101 bobby pins and hair wash that feels like ages cos there’s too much of hair products (mousse,wax,etc) to deal with.

As seen below, backcombed hair secure loosely with floral.


Fuss free big sexy curls

Floral crowns as seen below

nrm_1432821921-syn-2-1432757092-35mm-wedding-photography nrm_1432821893-syn-2-1432756146-jenspiratebooty nrm_1432821956-syn-2-1432757656-new-3-paper-antler



Slightly tousled long beach waves with a simple tiara
89856a962271c5947f4c750e74b7dd61 hair-down-with-wedding-veils

Fret not if your hair is not long enough. You ain’t got enough time to grow it. All these looks are attainable with Gyaru Hair Extensions.  The extra length will instantly add glamour to your wedding looks. Style it anyway you want for your wedding photo shoot. Curl or straight. Most importantly, these extensions will be natural and comfortable.

So if there’s wedding bells around the corner, feel free to contact

Disclaimer: The above pictures are not owned by us. Credit goes to various sources.


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