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I have always suffered from bad hair days since young but it got from bad to worse last year when I decided to cut my hair short. Just after a month, I started missing my long hair, I don’t feel sexy (YES, i kn i sounded like an insecure and shallow b*tc@, and yea it doesnt get better especially when I’m surrounded by friends with long gorgeous tresses) There was once when I signed up for a lap dance class and it felt weird when the dance move involves hair flip and all…

So…one day I went for hair extension at one of the salon in KL (no point to mention which salon). It cost me RM20 per pc, and they used bout 50pcs over for my whole head..total damage on tat day was RM1K plus!!! Sat in the salon for few hours to get it done. I was superbly happy for like the first few days but then I started feeling itchy cos it was difficult to dry my hair 100% after washing it, and I even started developing dandruff weeks later! It was also challenging to sleep like normal and my hair look messy after a month cos i was like itchy and scratching my head…After enduring the torturous itchiness, I went back to the salon and remove the extensions…$$$ gone down the drain.

I have tried many ways like trimming my hair regularly as some says regularly trimming it will make hair grow faster but it doesn’t work for me. It actually delays my hair from growing long cos forever the length is the same as I keep cutting it. Anyone with better luck out there?

I have also bought 5 wigs from different places and seller but never dare to step out of the house wearing it. My head looks bigger and its damn fake, not to mention I look like a transvestite (ah kwa/bapok) It’s also very hot, for those who have worn wigs before would know what I’m talking bout. If you’re in air conditioned place, fine, but if not your head will prolly soak up the first 5 mins with our current weather.

I have tried few types of clip on hair extensions but I don’t really like it as the hair is too fake and shiny. It’s cheap but u know what they say…u pay peanuts u get monkeys. The clip is also bad quality and workmanship is lousy. Ok, there’s few type of clip in extensions. I have tried both with single clip on and those with built in 2/3 clips, which allows you to clip in at different section of your head. You can clip it on the side of your head and back.This is better in my opinion cos its more natural. The one pc with built in 6/7 clips is like one huge pc where u clip it at the back of your head. Well then its still up to individual preference, so its up to you.

So after much trial and error, and research, I have found my solution, and hopefully it will be yours too. Gyaru Hair Extensions is born.

photo (2)

Above was a pic taken bout 4 months back I think tryin to demonstrate a before and after look wearing Gyaru Hair Extensions.It was my 1st attempt so cut me some slacks k? Hair color was natural black ^+* I’m really bad when it comes to makeup or hair, so if I can do it, it’s gonna be easy peasy for u.

Then I went for a new hair color,kinda like purplish burgundy. I’ve trimmed off the extensions a bit

photo (3)

We provide free personal consultation based on your hair concern and soon you too, can have perfect hair, everyday.

Wechat : fabulous4eva

Line      : gyaruhairextensions


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Gyaru Hair Extensions

    • gyaruhairextensions says:

      Hi Renuka, we are only selling clip in extensions. I assumed your extensions are either those braided, screw,adhesive,etc?

      You may reach us at wechat : fabulous4eva


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