I miss my long hair . . .

This post is wayyy overdue as last few months we’ve been trying to cope with stocks,orders, getting the website up & running,etc.  A short hairdo can offer a refreshing look for you, but there will be time you”ll miss your long hair. This proved to be a common dilemma for most of us and also Cheesie,from Cheeserland when she had her long locks chopped off in Nov.

A trip to any salon to get your hair extensions done would set you back easily RM1000++.That was when Cheesie decided to try out Gyaru Hair Extensions. Perfect solution for someone like her who’s constantly changing her hairstyle.

Here’s her review on wearing Gyaru Hair Extensions. The shade that Cheesie wore is Bambini. Which is brown with a hint of copper.


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Types of Hair Extensions

Is hair extension suitable for me? It is suitable if:

  • You want to add volume to certain part or whole head
  • You just had a bad haircut and wants to cover it
  • You want to instantly lengthen your hair
  • You want to try a shorter hair style, but still want to dress up your look with sexy loose curls or straight sleek long hair occasionally
  • You have split ends and you’re afraid to trim it because you’re trying to keep or grow your hair long

There are various types of extensions out there. Example (the extensions listed below are non exhaustive & the term used may differ from individual/countries) :


  • Glue – glue is applied at the tip of extensions and wrap around your own hair.
  • DISADVANTAGES :The glue damages the hair

micro beads

  • Micro-bead – each bead is looped into strands of hairs and clamped.
  • DISADVANTAGES :You’ll feel heavier and maintenance is not easy especially when you wash your hair. The challenge lies in having your hair completely dry


  • Braiding – Hair is plaited together with extensions.
  • DISADVANTAGES :Integrity of the hair is abused



  • Wefting – Hair weft is sewn on your hair.
  • DISADVANTAGES: Causes a lot of stress to scalp.



  • Tape –Extensions are tape onto your hair. One of the fairly recent method introduced over the years. I have personally tried this 2 years back. Think I paid like RM18-RM20 per pc. Total used for whole head was like maybe 60pcs, so it was like RM1K plus.
  • DISADVANTAGES:  Less damaging compared to the above but requires proper maintenance when you wash and dry your hair. I did not blow dry my hair each time due to time constraint and sometimes lazy. I started developing dandruff as certain parts of my hair is not thoroughly dry and my scalp was itchy. Eventually I got it removed by the 3rd month.

Now, when some of you asked for “permanent” extensions, we need you to understand that there is no such thing as permanent. Permanent in this context refers to forever. Most of the extensions done at salon have an average life span of 3-6 months. Touch up will be required if you wish to extend the life span of your extensions. Just like when you do lash extensions. But of course lash extensions usually survive 2-4 weeks, depending on how careful you are and if you did any touch ups.

damagedhairfrom extensions


It is a very unhealthy practice to just leave your extensions on as long as possible. Some girls do that to save cost, not knowing the extent of the damages. It may even lead to hair loss!

Gyaru Hair Extensions offers gorgeous longer hair which doesn’t involve:

  • Heat
  • Glue
  • Sewing
  • Braiding
  • Stress on scalp
  • Damages on hair

Why is Gyaru Hair Extensions different from others?

  • Gyaru Hair Extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair. Soft to touch and it moves naturally with your own hair.Some companies would mix their extensions with “foreign substances” to lower their cost and increase margin. You get what you paid for.
  • Each weft of extensions uses only the best quality of hair clips. Light weight small clips that are silicone coated and rubber grip to prevent  slipping.
  • Gyaru Hair Extensions have a special coloring process that keeps the hair integrity at its best, that blends well with your own hair, giving you a natural and gorgeous result.
  • Safe.
  • No commitment – clip & remove when ever you want.

To achieve longer and voluminous hair, contact Gyaru Hair Extensions here

Disclaimer : We do not own any of the photos above. Credit goes to various sources online

Bridal Hairstyles

You waited forever. One day, he pops the question; “Will you marry me?” Great. Both of you started planning. Venue,date, guest list, photographer, makeup,etc.

Every bride wants to look her best on that day. You definitely can’t undo the look after that day if your wedding pictures are looking less than perfect. Everything has gotta be on point.


“Beehive” or complicated hairdos are so 2001. We noticed more and more brides are opting for a more “relaxed” look. Long wavy hair seems to be the most popular choice over the recent years as it gives a romantic and fairy tale look. Have we also mention that it’s almost fuss free? The last thing you wanna deal after a long day entertaining guest would be 101 bobby pins and hair wash that feels like ages cos there’s too much of hair products (mousse,wax,etc) to deal with.

As seen below, backcombed hair secure loosely with floral.


Fuss free big sexy curls

Floral crowns as seen below

nrm_1432821921-syn-2-1432757092-35mm-wedding-photography nrm_1432821893-syn-2-1432756146-jenspiratebooty nrm_1432821956-syn-2-1432757656-new-3-paper-antler



Slightly tousled long beach waves with a simple tiara
89856a962271c5947f4c750e74b7dd61 hair-down-with-wedding-veils

Fret not if your hair is not long enough. You ain’t got enough time to grow it. All these looks are attainable with Gyaru Hair Extensions.  The extra length will instantly add glamour to your wedding looks. Style it anyway you want for your wedding photo shoot. Curl or straight. Most importantly, these extensions will be natural and comfortable.

So if there’s wedding bells around the corner, feel free to contact hello@gyaruhairextensions.com

Disclaimer: The above pictures are not owned by us. Credit goes to various sources.

Mirror mirror on the wall…Who’s the fairest of them all?


Last Friday was an exciting & memorable event for 17 gorgeous finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 at Shangri La Hotel,Kuala Lumpur. We’re proud that one of our esteem customer, Vanessa Tevi, has been crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2015. Despite various conflicting opinions on who should take home the crown, we believe each and every girl on that night, is a winner, for they have successfully proved themselves to the final rounds. Vanessa is not only gorgeous, but she also has a rather infectious bubbly personality in real life 🙂


As seen here, getting a trim for her extensions


Some of our gorgeous customers

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. Our customers came to us through word of mouth recommendation. They are not sponsored, and have made the purchases with their own money.

We are proud to be the top choice of beauty queens when it comes to their crowning glories. Our hair extensions may not be the cheapest in the market, but you can trust us when it comes to quality. Be wary of those sold at dirt cheap prices, without a doubt, you’ll get what you paid for.

Your crowning glory deserves the best. They have chosen us, what about you?

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Latest Hair Trend

Alright, how many of you out there have ever wondered ….”How did she grew her hair so fast??’ For those who have noticed, at the recent 2015 Grammys, Beyonce was back with her long flowy locks. Honey, let’s get real. We’ve all prolly attempted every frigging hair tips to grow our hair faster; regular trims and combing, inversion, etc but you and I know it takes forever to have mermaid worthy hair length once we snip it. #FACTGetting regular trims to snip splits won’t make your hair grow faster, it will keep tips looking healthy and prevent splits from working their way up strands, requiring you to chop hair off more often. If you wait so long that splits are causing your hair to break off high up on the strand, your hair will actually be shorter than if you get consistent trims yonce It’s no longer a secret that celebs and models achieve long sexy hair with the help of extensions. Fashion show will never look the same without extensions. Who has the time to wait anyway? Bustline length would take at least ..a year? Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and the Kardashians are some of the celebs that swears by their extensions. They certainly did not #wokeuplikethis Kylie Jenner looks surprisingly FAB in this picture, that pouty lips and sleek jet black hair.


Kylie Jenner edgy look is transformed into a picture of sophistication with the help of straight jet black extensions


Selena Gomez vamping up her usual innocent look with big long hair

I was literally drooling over JLo’s MV-On the Floor when she was killin the dance floor with her sexy hair.Maybe it’s the help of the fan blow idk ^+^


Jennifer Lopez sexy crowning glory getting a lil boost

Besides celebs, extensions are no strangers to women all over the world…or well, maybe not so in Malaysia, YET. Even Japanese, Taiwanese, or Thai chicks are already using extensions wayyyy back. As you walk around the busy streets in Bangkok you’ll notice many shops offering extensions.  In Singapore, you’ll be able to find some in Far East Plaza. KL is slowly catching up with this trend, but not many would be willing to splurge for extensions in salon as it will usually cost thousands of ringgit for a good one. Don’t settle for those cheap and dry looking hair. You sure as hell don’t want to mess with your hair, they don’t call it crowning glory for nothing. Have I mention wigs? Please, burn it! Unless you wanna be mistaken as one of those transvestite lurking around the dark streets offering sexual services or those Ah Lians/Ah Huey  working at those ‘flower joints’ pub. (Disclaimer : I have nothing against transvestite, it is only to describe certain looks to avoid. It is a matter of choice for individual gender orientation & I love my gay friends) GOOD NEWS for girls out there who wants to invest on your own set of extensions without spending a bomb at the salon. Best of all, you can actually wear & remove it anytime you want, from the comfort of your room. The extensions done at salon would require professional help from the stylist, and the same goes to removal process as well. Gyaru Hair Extensions(click) offer easy solution, but at the same time achieving salon worthy results. Contact Gyaru Hair Extensions (click) NOW to start your beauty transformation!

How to wash hair extensions?

Every set of extensions delivered to your doorstep have undergone proper cleansing and disinfection. You don’t need to wash it daily or everytime you use it, unlike your own hair which may turned oily from the sebum secreted from your hair follicles. Only wash it after 10 times and above of usage or when your hair turns disgusting from product build ups (hair spray,hair mousse,etc) ^+*

Let’s get started!


  1. Make sure you have de-tangle your hair ends by gently brushing it with a wide bristle brush. Always start brushing from the bottom of the hair while holding the top part of the hair, to reduce hair loss. This simple step can also be applied to your own hair.
  2. You may wash your extensions from your basin or a big bowl. Ideally with a sulphate free shampoo in lukewarm water (refer to above) SCRUBBING OR RUBBING IS NOT REQUIRED! Just soak for 2-3 minutes will do.
  3. Leave on hair conditioner/hair masque on your extensions. You may rinse after 30 minutes or more.
  4. Gentle squeeze dry your extensions and lay it flat on a towel to air dry. Hair dryer is not advisable.
  5. Once dry, you can brush it with your wide bristle brush and apply some hair serum or argan oil to nourish it. If you prefer your extensions to look sleek, you may run a hair straightener over it. Keep your extensions in a dry place.

Voila! You may now use your extensions,again!


TIPS: You may consider to keep your extensions secured, without tangling your hair, using a trousers hanger (pic above)

Welcome to Gyaru Hair Extensions

I have always suffered from bad hair days since young but it got from bad to worse last year when I decided to cut my hair short. Just after a month, I started missing my long hair, I don’t feel sexy (YES, i kn i sounded like an insecure and shallow b*tc@, and yea it doesnt get better especially when I’m surrounded by friends with long gorgeous tresses) There was once when I signed up for a lap dance class and it felt weird when the dance move involves hair flip and all…

So…one day I went for hair extension at one of the salon in KL (no point to mention which salon). It cost me RM20 per pc, and they used bout 50pcs over for my whole head..total damage on tat day was RM1K plus!!! Sat in the salon for few hours to get it done. I was superbly happy for like the first few days but then I started feeling itchy cos it was difficult to dry my hair 100% after washing it, and I even started developing dandruff weeks later! It was also challenging to sleep like normal and my hair look messy after a month cos i was like itchy and scratching my head…After enduring the torturous itchiness, I went back to the salon and remove the extensions…$$$ gone down the drain.

I have tried many ways like trimming my hair regularly as some says regularly trimming it will make hair grow faster but it doesn’t work for me. It actually delays my hair from growing long cos forever the length is the same as I keep cutting it. Anyone with better luck out there?

I have also bought 5 wigs from different places and seller but never dare to step out of the house wearing it. My head looks bigger and its damn fake, not to mention I look like a transvestite (ah kwa/bapok) It’s also very hot, for those who have worn wigs before would know what I’m talking bout. If you’re in air conditioned place, fine, but if not your head will prolly soak up the first 5 mins with our current weather.

I have tried few types of clip on hair extensions but I don’t really like it as the hair is too fake and shiny. It’s cheap but u know what they say…u pay peanuts u get monkeys. The clip is also bad quality and workmanship is lousy. Ok, there’s few type of clip in extensions. I have tried both with single clip on and those with built in 2/3 clips, which allows you to clip in at different section of your head. You can clip it on the side of your head and back.This is better in my opinion cos its more natural. The one pc with built in 6/7 clips is like one huge pc where u clip it at the back of your head. Well then its still up to individual preference, so its up to you.

So after much trial and error, and research, I have found my solution, and hopefully it will be yours too. Gyaru Hair Extensions is born.

photo (2)

Above was a pic taken bout 4 months back I think tryin to demonstrate a before and after look wearing Gyaru Hair Extensions.It was my 1st attempt so cut me some slacks k? Hair color was natural black ^+* I’m really bad when it comes to makeup or hair, so if I can do it, it’s gonna be easy peasy for u.

Then I went for a new hair color,kinda like purplish burgundy. I’ve trimmed off the extensions a bit

photo (3)

We provide free personal consultation based on your hair concern and soon you too, can have perfect hair, everyday.

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